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Cinta Insights focuses on delivering work that adds value to our clients needs. We look at how we can deliver to our clients needs on a case by case basis so that they can receive true value in what is delivered. Our approach means we can move from a very bespoke approach to a deliverable that provides cost and service efficiency. Always with the clients objectives front of mind. 

Omnibus surveys


On a quarterly basis we engage with our community to answer your burning questions. Because of the massive scope of the Agri and Rural sector, we offer two specific Omnibus options:

  • Quarterly Pastoral Omni

  • Quarterly Dairy Omni

This cost effective, flexible option provides high quality insights in a timely and efficient manner to the whole sector.

Local & Central Government Community Consultation


We are able to connect with urban and provincial ratepayers and residents throughout New Zealand. Cinta knows what questions to ask and how to ask them. 

Whether it be recycling, dog registration, land subdivision, economic development or rate payment options - we have an extensive track record of local and central authority market research experience.

Primary Sector research


Farmer, Grower, Vet and Reseller interviews and analysis. 

We know first hand the importance of agriculture and horticulture is to our economy and to your business. Cinta connects with farmers, growers and other primary sector respondent groups. We connect with the right people to give you meaningful, high quality answers to those questions you need answered.

Syndicated studies


We appreciate the need to inform both public and private stakeholders on challenges and opportunities that impact them and their ability to make informed decisions.

To support this we run syndicated studies that engage our Rural and Agri community to help provide direction. 

Examples of our syndicated work include: Insurance in the Rural Sector, Rural Real Estate, The Agri Sector and the Environment. This work provides clients with a comprehensive view in an inexpensive yet comprehensive way.

Regional research


Regional New Zealand is the backbone of our economy. Our Agri community allows us to connect with regional New Zealand for all your research needs.

This doesn't need to be Agri focused. Our members are eager to provide their opinion on any topic that will directly affect them. 

Business to Business


The unique makeup of our Agri community allows us, with confidence, to interview business decision makers across New Zealand. We connect with decision makers to give you the confidence you need to make important strategic decisions.

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