2021 Dairy Farmer Nationwide Omnibus Surveys

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New Zealand's only ongoing dairy farmer omnibus research facility - since 2000


 "An omnibus facility is a survey where up to 4 agri related organisations share costs of a survey wave. Each company has their bespoke set of questions within the questionnaire, each exploring their own research objectives. The facility is a cost effective and robust way of independently surveying 400x dairy farmers nationwide. The setup costs are shared between each agri-participant who do not see the other organisations questions or results - only the demographics are collective. Each participating agri related company receives their own customised comprehensive PPT report."

400x dairy farmers surveyed bi-annually

Outputs - You receive an extensive easy to interpret PPT report with high level  tables and charts and commentary throughout the report and overall conclusions. 
Report includes top line results and each question analysed by 3x significant demographics  

Cinta can design your questions from either a written brief or just a phone conversation. 
Cost includes question design, question pilot test, all field and telephone costs, coding and verification, administration costs, data entry, analysis and interpretation, high level PDF report generation

Cost - $9,500 + GST for 5x comprehensive pre-coded questions are analysed by up to 3x significant demographics per question- great value with a robust sample size of 400. 

                   Additional pre-coded prompted or unprompted question cost $1,800 +GST per question

                       - 5x read outs per prompted question

                   Additional open question cost: $2,000 +GST

                   Survey introduction respondent screener $2,000 +GST.

                   Extra analysis over above the free 30 minutes is $500+GST.

                   Report results debrief $500 per hour

                   Cost is per survey wave


Demographics - Farmer Owner Operator/Sharemilker, Herd Size, 9x Regions, Gross Farm Income, Farm Size, Gender/Age

Respondents - Dairy farmers who are the policy decision makers - no life style properties. 

A fresh sample of farmers is interviewed each survey wave from the comprehensive Cinta Research farmer database  

Methodology - The omnibus is conducted by telephone at a time suitable to farmers. Farmers enjoy the mix of farming related topics explored within the questionnaire.

Timing - The dairy farmer omnibus survey is conducted bi-annually over the months of March and September - post calving 2021. Book your question set now! Limited to only 3x participating agri companies each survey wave.

Call Fiona to discuss an obligation free quote 021 498456

Please note Cinta Research Ltd reserves the right not  to proceed with the Nationwide Dairy Farmer Omnibus if there is insufficient participation to cover costs - no accounts are posted until required participation is met.   


Regional ratio - The regions are based on the NZ Regional Council boundaries. The ratios are weighted so all regions are represented. Region is the only demographic that is predetermined

































2021 Dairy Survey information PDF